My Commitments to You

  • I pledge to ensure that every decision I make as a board trustee is in the best interests of the 42,000 students we serve.
  • I pledge that every dollar we allocate has a direct, measurable outcome that serves our students, teachers, and the learning environment.
  • I pledge to represent you, as taxpayers, citizens, and parents, with integrity, transparency, and honor.
  • I pledge to listen when you speak and to respond when questioned and to represent you proudly every day.

Fiscal Responsibility:  I have managed multi-million-dollar program budgets and contracts.  I understand the complexities and restrictions associated with local, state, and federal funding sources.   I am committed to the district’s strong fiscal management and am prepared to address fiscal issues with the citizen’s best interests in mind.

Education Champion:  I have been active in education advocacy, in support of the region’s public education institutions and at the national level. My past involvement with national organizations such as Change the Equation and the Semiconductor Industry Association provided opportunities to lobby for issues around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and to accountability measures in public education.  I am committed to represent our children’s best interest in every way possible.

Community Volunteer: I am an active volunteer within the district and enjoy volunteering in the classroom through formal programs like Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students) and in the classrooms of English Language Learners.  I enjoy helping with school activities like field day and the fall carnival.  I worked closely with Brookwood Elementary School administration and staff as a parent representative to evaluate Two-Way Immersion program possibilities set to begin at Brookwood Elementary in 2017-18. I most recently participated in CCISD’s Citizens Facility Advisory Committee which examined and recommended a list of prioritized capital projects to meet the District’s needs for the next three to five years – shaping Clear Creek ISD’s Bond 2017.  I am committed to listening to your concerns and to representing you within District 3, throughout CCISD, and across the entire community.

Leadership: In my current role at NASA JSC, I co-chair an interdisciplinary team of more than 40 communicators, former educators, engineers, managers, researchers and scientists.  I work collaboratively across the team to advance timely, strategic, coordinated, and consistent communications and products.  We establish timelines and goals, evaluate progress, measure effectiveness and learn from our performance.  By maintaining regular interaction and dialogue, I help establish and foster timely, honest, and transparent lines of communication.  While at Texas Instruments I represented the company’s rich, 80-year history of innovation to educators, non-profits, and university leaders.  I am committed to building and sustaining CCISD’s leadership role in Texas’ public education; and to ensuring every child is prepared for a productive role in society and that every teacher is supported to achieve their goals.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Early in my career I was the program manager responsible for Texas Aerospace Scholars, a program funded by the State of Texas, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Rotary NASA and implemented by NASA to increase the number of Texas students pursuing STEM degrees.  I have had opportunities to direct programmatic funds for K-12 STEM programs at school districts and non-profits, as well as universities to increase the number of students completing electrical engineering degrees.  Through piloted preservice educator programs, I worked with universities to increase the integration of technology into their STEM instruction for preservice educators.  I drafted and negotiated terms of TI’s largest, single corporate funding commitment of $5 million to Plano Independent School District, which established Plano’s STEM Academy High School.  I am committed to reach our lofty educational goals through strategic partnerships, collaboration, and community engagement.